Americans Killed by Police at Higher Rate than Military Dictatorship in Egypt

An Egyptian protester fights police.
An Egyptian protester fights police.

“Well, f**k me,” was the first reaction of this writer when presented with these facts.

A sea of disbelief with a touch of dissociation came over me.

Then I realized I have to spread the truth if we are going to hand over a free nation to our children, because burying our heads in the sand won’t solve any problems – it never has.


Have you ever been to Egypt?

Here is a picture.

Cairo slums via


Does that look like America?

Remember when the “Arab Spring” was happening?

Remember how CNN and the mainstream media praised Egyptians for standing up to years of police brutality?

Egypt is viewed by most experts as a former military dictatorship (some believe it still is). Yet, their police force killed less of its citizens than the police in the United States.

Now is the time to educate ourselves and our fellow citizens so that we can reform our police system peacefully and walk with pride when we travel abroad – because that doesn’t look like America.

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So that we can say “no, American cops do not kill citizens at a higher rate than a third world state filled with terrorists that just ended a military dictatorship.”

Because, as it stands now – with a culture of silence and mindless compliance in our police departments – this is what is happening.

Here are the statistics, take a look for yourself:

In 2015, American police killed 1205 Americans.

In 2014, Egyptian police killed 272 Egyptians.

Egypt’s population is at 86 million whereas America is 318 million.

Our population is 3.7 times that of the Egypt.

If the rate of American citizens killed by police was identical to that of Egypt then only 1006 American citizens would have been killed by the police!

We surpassed an identical rate of police violence to Egypt – a third world country infested with terrorists  – by 200 deaths!

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Should we be angry?

Only if we can be constructively angry.

Mindless, senseless, anger won’t solve anything.

Move up in society, acquire capital, free your mind and spread the truth.