An Honor Student Now Has Brain Damage After Police Brutally Beat Him Unconscious


A Jackson man has been awarded $30,000 as court decides he was unlawfully attacked.

Joseph Hines’ father says his son will never be the same again.

In August 2012 Hines from Jackson, Minnesota was a 20-year-old junior at the Ohio State University.

The African-American high achiever is the son of Pastor Reverend James Hines, a well-known one man in the county.
Three years ago he was hanging out with his friends near the university campus; they had had been drinking.

He was approached by three police officers who asked him only two questions – if the alcohol was his and if he had any identification.

He admits he did not produce an ID, but what followed was way out of proportion.

According to him, the cops beat him up so severely that he was knocked unconscious.

Following this, they arrested him on five charges, four of these were later dropped and the records expunged.

Based on this, his only infringement was littering and drinking that night. The former has a $100 fine.

In 2013, Hines filed a law suit claiming that the officer beat him so ruthlessly that he suffered brain damage.

He says one of his eyes was swollen shut and he was hog tied. The case demanded for at least $ 75,000. However, the jury awarded him $ 30,000.

Hines’ father says the family is still working to help him get return to normal.

As the high school honor student tries to get back on track the pastor’s comments leave more questions than answers.

“If a college student goes off, litters and drinks – is this what he’s supposed to be looking like?” he asks pointing to a photograph of Hines from that night.

Watch the video below (Warning: graphic content):

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