Video: Anonymous Exposes Cop as Member of KKK Behind Letter Threatening to Kill Ferguson Protesters


FERGUSON — A brief background: the Ku Klux Klan has recently written an open letter to citizens in Ferguson.

The letter was directed at citizens who plan to protest if Officer Darren Wilson is not convicted.

Wilson is the cop who shot and killed Michael Brown, who was unarmed at the time of the shooting. If Officer Wilson is not found guilty, large clashes are expected to occur in the streets of Ferguson.

The KKK apparently believes that some of the protesters are “terrorists,” and published the following letter which states that “lethal force” will be used against such “terrorists.”


In response to the KKK’s letter, the decentralized hacker collective Anonymous began “Un-hooding” members of the broad KKK chapter it believes is responsible for writing the letter.

According to Anonymous, the following individuals have been identified as KKK members, among them two police officers (one former):

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One wonders how many other police officers are current or past members of the KKK. How does a police officer/KKK member treat blacks after arresting them?

More questions are surfacing about Officer Darren Wilson.

Why are KKK members among the first and loudest rushing to his defense? Is Officer Wilson himself a KKK member, or has he been involved with the KKK in the past? If so, could this have been what motivated him to shoot and kill Michael Brown?

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A never-before-seen video has also  been published in which Darren Wilson can be heard violating a man’s rights for filming him.  It certainly seems to show that Officer Wilson is a power-hungry, impatient cop who hates when Americans defend themselves.

The Free Thought Project interviewed the man filming and summarized his account as follows:

“He told me I had permission to ‘record’ him. As soon as I started filming, his attitude changed, and he arrested me,” the man, who wishes to remain anonymous for the time being, tells the Free Thought Project in an exclusive interview.

According to the man filming, Wilson put on the report that he only gave him permission to “audio record,” as if actual permission was needed to do either one of these things.

He was then arrested and put into Darren Wilson’s SUV.

This incident happened on October 28, 2013, he tells the Free Thought Project that he waited to release the video because he was scared of retaliation and wanted to move out of Ferguson prior publishing it.”

View the video below:

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