ATF Agent Waves Gun at Parents at High School Football Game

Image via The Free Thought Project

HOUSTON, TX — Parents are known to get slightly carried away when watching their children play on the field.

Spectators witnessed a rather disturbing example of this at a recent high school football game in Houston, Texas.

Marc Delpit’s son, a student of Saint Thomas High School was playing against Angleton High School.

Marc Delpit is an ATF agent.

During halftime, the 44-year-old federal agent ended up having an argument with another father.

As the quarrel heated witnesses say the officer pinned his opponent to the ground and then continued attacking him.

Bystanders gathered around and some even attempted to intervene.

This is when Delpit pulled out his pistol and waved it at the crowd.

Stunned spectators ran for their life and police arrived shortly after.

There are several unknowns in this case; no information has been provided on whether Delpit will be banned from any future games.

What started the argument in the first place continues to be a mystery.

The Houston Field Office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives has confirmed that the officer has been placed on administrative leave with pay, his firearms, bad and credentials have been seized.

Agents from Washington DC are in the process of investigating the incident.

Watch the video below:

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