Big Stone Gap Police Officer Oliver Mullins to Serve 10 Years in Prison For Child Abuse

Stuart Collins, an attorney representing Mullins, said, “There were multiple inconsistencies in the victim’s statements; this compelled both sides to reach an agreement.”

Mullins’ other attorney, Daniel Fast, added, “Ask a kid 10 different times and you will get 10 different stories.”

The child was likely to be on the witness stand, facing the man who assaulted her for at least four days, according to attorneys on both sides of the case. Much of this time would have involved intense questioning from defense attorneys.

Commonwealth Attorney Chuck Slemp commented: “Today’s plea serves to further protect this child from the abuse of Mr. Mullins. A jury trial would have been particularly traumatic for the victim in this case. Younger victims sometimes have difficulty testifying in front of a jury. Forcing this juvenile victim to endure a jury trial, testifying about these types of crimes, serves only to revictimize the child.”

Slemp added: “Sexual offenses against children are among the most vile and disgusting crimes that we see in court. My office will continue to aggressively prosecute these cases and seek harsh punishment for anyone who would do harm to a child.”

Slemp thanked Virginia State Police, the county Department of Social Services and the Southwest Virginia Children’s Advocacy Center for their work on the case.

Many have commented on social media that they thought Mullins was getting special treatment because he is a former police officer. Responding to these concerns, Slemp said, “The Commonwealth gives no special treatment to anyone, and the only considerations in entering into the plea was the strength of the case, the clarity of the facts we would have presented at trial, and protecting the victim from having to endure the trauma of cross examination.”

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  • John Lawrence

    I dunno, being subjected to the possibility of 4 life sentences and only getting 10 years behind bars (and let’s face it, he won’t see near that), regardless of the probation, still feels like special treatment, ‘your honor’. If there WAS real justice, he’d get a bullet between the eyes before leaving the courtroom. Sorry, but I have zero sympathy for pedos.