Big Stone Gap Police Officer Oliver Mullins to Serve 10 Years in Prison For Child Abuse

“I understand there’s a national pre-conceived notion that police officers get special treatment, but that was not the case here,” said Collins, who added “Both sides worked very diligently to come to an agreement.”

In explaining why the defendant agreed to a plea deal, Fast said, “Being accused of sex crimes today is like being accused of being a witch in Salem, Mass.” He was referring to colonial-era tests in which someone who survived a test was deemed a witch and later killed.

Collins added, “Plea agreements allow the defendant some control over an uncontrollable situation.”

Mullins faced a maximum of four life sentences and 680 years in prison if convicted on all 48 counts. The counts all involved the same victim with the incidents taking place between March 2014 and April 2016. Mullins has been held without bond since being arrested in June 2016 — time which will be credit to his sentence.

The case relied on statements from the victim. There was very little physical evidence supporting the charges other than the defendant possessing pornography on electronic devices consistent with the charges. One of the charges was that the defendant had shown the young victim pornographic images.

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  • John Lawrence

    I dunno, being subjected to the possibility of 4 life sentences and only getting 10 years behind bars (and let’s face it, he won’t see near that), regardless of the probation, still feels like special treatment, ‘your honor’. If there WAS real justice, he’d get a bullet between the eyes before leaving the courtroom. Sorry, but I have zero sympathy for pedos.