Biker Friend of Mine [Harassed by Cops]

A girlfriend of mine was riding her motorcycle and had to stop at our local mall. She was wearing leathers. Rinky dink security cop told her that ‘this is a family friendly mall and your clothing isn’t appropriate’. There was NO foul language on her vest or anything else. Yet pants drooping half down the butt or revealing clothing IS considered ‘family friendly’. This was several years ago and she won’t go back there…ever.

Same friend stopped at a local convenience store, again riding, to gas up. She has a sticker on her helmet that states ‘Bad cop, no doughnut’. Some cop there told her to REMOVE it. She pretty much told him to go pound sand.

Several of us went to a swap meet a few weeks ago to help man a booth our organization had set up. As per usual, there was a humongous police command center set up, pics of tags were being taken and run, even on cages (cars) or trailers, video monitored, sound monitored, undercover wandering around. There has NEVER been any trouble at these events, even though some 1%ers are wearing their colors.

And THEN there’s this little gem:

Or THIS ONE which took place in the county next to mine:

Motorcycles are pulled over daily by cops harassing them, trying to bust them for anything they can. I’ve been a victim of that. They measure the height of handlebars, make sure the biker’s helmet is DOT approved, measure the sound level of the pipes, yada yada yada.

I no longer trust or even respect most of them anymore.