Bill Passed That Would Allow Police Officers to Execute Americans by Firing Squad


SALT LAKE CITY – Politicians have now passed a bill that would allow US government officials to line up with high-powered rifles and execute Americans instantaneously.

The bill would make it so that any Americans who are subject to the death penalty in prison could be shot instead of lethally injected.

Politicians who support the bill have claimed that it would “save them millions,” since the drugs needed for lethal injections are in short supply.

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State functionary Paul Ray sponsored the bill, arguing that execution by firing squad is a “faster” and “more humane” way for Americans to be extinguished.

So far Utah is the only state that may implement the new firing squad executions, but supporters hope other states will follow suit.

The bill has startled citizens across the country, who say that it gives the government power over the life and death of many inmates were imprisoned falsely, and that firing squads are a cruel and inhumane form of execution.

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They expect the bill to be met with condemnation from the international community.

“I think Utah took a giant step backward,” said Ralph Dellapiana, who serves as director of Utahns for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

It’s a “relic of a more barbaric past,” he added.

The measure made it through the Senate with 18 votes in favor, and only 10 opposed, suggesting the contempt with which politicians view the American public.

The prison industrial complex itself is largely owned by private corporations who contract with the federal government to make huge profits in exchange for filling their cages with Americans.

Most American prisoners are non-violent offenders, who are trapped behind bars for victimless activities, like owning a harmless plant called cannabis that the US government made illegal in order to fill more prisons and make more money.

One can only imagine the sadistic pleasure politicians and the firing squads themselves will feel when they get the opportunity to gun down restrained Americans.

Legislation to allow firing squad executions was also introduced in Arkansas and Wyoming, and politicians in Oklahoma are considering new legislation that would allow government officials to gas Americans to death with nitrogen gas.

“Imagine, if you will, a world run by psychopaths…”

These politicians are busy plotting ways to kill us more efficiently — and they are doing it on our dime.

Now one might argue that this only applies to prisoners and not to all Americans. The sad fact, however, is that many innocent Americans end up in prison or on death row even though they haven’t harmed anybody.

The War on Drugs and the War on Guns, for example — two scandals created by the US Government — are designed to pack Americans into prison cages for frivolous infractions that harm nobody, such as buying a firearm for one’s wife but failing to “register” it.

In one case, a government chemist tampered with 40,000 cases, inserting fake “evidence” so that her prosecutor friends could score convictions. The result was that countless innocent Americans were torn from their families and locked in cages — some of them may have even died in prison.

Utah has already used a firing squad execution as recently as 2010. An inmate was strapped to a chair, a hood was placed over his head, and five police officers shot him to death with .30 cal rifles.

If politicians get their way, we could see many more of these cases.

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