If Bill Passes Cops Fired for Misconduct Won’t be Able to Get a Similar Job

HONOLULU – Should law enforcement officers who’ve been fired for misconduct be able to get a similar job at another agency?

Some state lawmakers are saying no and a bill at the State Capitol would ban that from happening if it becomes law.

The bill would prohibit any officer fired for improper behavior from any county police department, state department agency or office from being hired by another agency department or office.

“You know if you look at it like the general public, you’d be concerned that someone who has issues should not be employed. As a person who’s got police powers and hold a gun and there’s questions whether a person should be given that authority,” Sen. Clarence Nishihara said.

The bill would also create a working group to establish a statewide standard for all law enforcement personnel.

Currently, all four counties operate under their own standards.

The bill is scheduled for a third reading.

Source: http://www.kitv.com/story/37629264/if-bill-passes-law-enforcement-officers-whove-been-fired-for-misconduct-wont-be-able-to-get-a-similar-job