Black Cop Depicted As A Monkey In Police Training Video, Sergeant Sues


Images of black people depicted as monkeys is flat offensive. Just about anyone will tell you that in 2015. Anyone except those working inside the San Diego Police Department’s training division.

Sergeant Arthur Scott is a 10 year veteran of the San Diego Police Department, but he is suing because he believes a cartoon used during a training event was “racist”. The cartoon displays an African-American police officer as a “monkey”. Scott took offense.

According to KGTV, Scott made his displeasure known to the department. However, instead of dealing with his concerns, he “was transferred to a different division” and basically told to keep quiet.

san-diego-police-racist-cartoonThe cartoon in question has some historical context. It shows San Diego’s first African-American police officer, Frank McCarter, on the job. The problem is McCarter is drawn as a monkey. This is what Scott took offense with in the training session.

Scott’s attorney, Dan Gilleon, expressed how flabbergasted he is that the San Diego Police Department would continue to show such a video.

“This is so over-the-top racist,” Gilleon told KGTV.

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