Black Lives Matter Activist “Commits Suicide” in Public with No Witnesses, Police Celebrate


MarShawn M. McCarrel II via Facebook

MarShawn M. McCarrel II was just 23 years old when he was pronounced dead on the Ohio Statehouse steps four days ago – February 8,2016.

No one witnessed McCarrel shoot himself, according to Lt. Craig Cvetan of the State Highway Patrol.

No one witnessed a man allegedly shoot himself on a public street at 6pm.

No one.

McCarrel was pronounced dead at the scene, according to reports.

“I saw him as a shining star in the future of civil rights,” said Steve Shapiro  – McCarrel’s former high school teacher.

“In 27 years, I’ve never had a student who I was more proud of than MarShawn,” Shapiro added.

“He was able to capture, in rhyme, really profound truths. He had a brilliance, he had an insight that was just so beyond his years.

Two days after McCarrel’s death, an  Ohio police officer was placed on paid-holiday – otherwise known as “paid administrative leave” – for celebrating this young man’s unwitnessed death.

“Love a happy ending,” wrote Officer Lee Cyr of Fairborn, Ohio on the Ohio Politics Facebook page, WHIO reports.

Other comments included:

“One less to worry about” and “One down, many more to go.”