BLM Leader To Sue NYPD For Police Brutality During Peaceful Protest, Says Cops ‘Almost Killed’ Him

A Black Lives Matter leader from the Bronx, N.Y. says he plans to sue the city because NYPD cops violently slammed him to the ground when arresting him at a peaceful protest in February.

Many officers truly hate the black lives matter protesters, and especially the leaders, because one of the things they are using their first amendment rights to protest is police brutality. Police prefer to remain unaccountable for their brutality and other crimes, including killings.

Walter (Hawk) Newsome, 40, president of the Black Lives Matter chapter of Greater New York, was protesting the Trump administration’s immigration ban in Washington Square Park in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village on Feb. 11, when he was handcuffed and “almost killed,” reported The New York Daily News.

“I am bringing this lawsuit to demonstrate, when one is wronged in our society — even by police — that we have the right to damages for what happened to us,” Newsome said.

Newsome was looking at up to a year in the notorious New York City jail Rikers Island on charges of resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct. However, the charges were dropped against him when he showed up for court in September.

“I could’ve been killed as a result of the reckless way that they slammed me on ice and concrete,” said Newsome. “Thank God that I’m not a hashtag and that people are not marching in remembrance of me.”

Newsome’s attorney, Sanford Rubenstein, said the lawsuit is about the right to exercise one’s First Amendment rights to freedom of speech without harassment or physical repercussion.

“[They] should not be subjected to serious physical injuries at the hands of the police simply because they are exercising that right,” said Rubenstein.

The attorney says they plan to file the lawsuit Monday in state Supreme Court in Manhattan.

According to a bio on the BLM NY website, Newsome has a law degree and ran for City Council for the Bronx, N.Y., district where he grew up. He is also founder of the Black Lives Matter of Greater New York chapter.