Bodycam Shows Cop Save 4yo Autistic Child from Drowning



TOPEKA, KS — A viral video is making the rounds in which an officer can be seen rushing into a pond to save a child who was about to drown.

Officer Aaron Bulmer is being praised nationwide for the decisive action he took.

The situation began when Officer Bulmer was dispatched to find people who were involved in a fight at approximately 11:00 on Sunday morning.

While he was in the area searching, he observed a 4-yr-old child fall into a community center pond.

“It’s a miracle he was there at the right time,” said one commenter.

The video shows Officer Bulmer immediately rush into the pond to save the child.

It is evident that the child could not swim and was moments away from drowning to death.

He can be heard grasping for air as Officer Bulmer brings him out of the water.

Though it is important to highlight police misconduct, brave cops like Officer Bulmer should never be forgotten, for they are the ones who silently work to bring a modicum of safety to an otherwise dangerous world.

Watch the video below: