Boston Police Officer Charged For Stealing Money From Evidence Room

A Boston police officer has been indicted after officials say that he stole money from a file of a closed bank robbery case within the police department’s evidence room.

Authorities say Joseph Nee, 44, stole about $2,000 and was attempting to launder the money at Plainridge Park Casino.

Nee was indicted by a Suffolk County Grand Jury on Thursday, according to Attorney General Maura Healey’s office. He will be arraigned Oct. 30 on charges of larceny over $350 and money laundering.

Nee has been with the Boston Police Department since 1998 and was assigned to the Evidence Management Unit in Hyde Park. Following his indictment, he has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the case, BPD said in a statement.

Nee allegedly stole the money in January 2017, according to authorities, from a file of a closed bank robbery case. The money was identified because of an anti-theft dye pack that discharged during the robbery that left traces of red dye on the bills.

Authorities were able to identify Nee’s theft after he used some of the stolen money on slot machines at Plainridge Park Casino and then allegedly redeemed the stolen money at a casino kiosk for bills that were not stained with the red dye.

Nee’s charges came after an investigation by the Massachusetts State Police Gaming Enforcement Unit, the Boston Police Anti-Corruption Unit and the Attorney General’s Gaming Enforcement Division.

The BPD said in a statement that they received information by their Anti-Corruption Unit about the alleged misconduct and that at the request of BPD, Healey opened a criminal investigation.

“The behavior alleged in today’s indictment is inexcusable. I hold my officers to the highest standards and expect them to obey the law that they have taken an oath to uphold,” BPD Commissioner William Evans said in a statement. “Allegations like this can damage the trust my officers have worked so hard to build with the community. The Anti-Corruption Unit will continue to investigate all allegations of wrongdoing by my officers.”