Brave Man Stops Criminal, While Cops Cower and Hide With Guns Drawn

When you put crabs in a bucket, you don’t need a lid to prevent them from climbing out.

That’s because when any one crab tries to climb out, the others will pull him down and keep him there. Eventually, all of them will be eaten.

Americans today suffer from Crab Bucket Syndrome.

When any one of us takes a stand and does something that takes balls — or ovaries — the timid and the brain-dead try to claw at us until we’re back down at the bottom.

Such is the case with Douglas Hughes, a man who decided to use a gyrocopter to protest the government. He is now facing nine and a half years in prison, with obedient police apologists calling him “crazy.”

More recently, one man decided to stop a police chase that could have turned fatal — using only raw instinct and courage.

The act was caught on video.

A criminal can be seen in the video being chased by officers.

That is when this brave man steps into the path of the criminal’s car, forcing the car to come to a stop.

At this point police can be seen scurrying around and hiding behind their vehicles with several guns pointed at not only the criminal but the intervening man as well.

The man still proceeds to take efficient action, and brings the criminal physically to the police, using no beating or tasing or anything.

He deescalated the situation without resorting to shooting someone to death.

What happened to him for stepping up and taking action in his community?

He was called “unstable” and “homeless” by the media over and over again. Several out-0f-shape officers can be seen emerging from their hiding places and arresting him once he solved the problem for them.

All the while, a timid media narrator stares down at the situation from the safety of his helicopter and continues to accuse the man of being "clearly unstable."

As one commenter described it:

"Clearly Unstable?" Seriously? The guy looked like he had total presence of mind to me. He was even smart enough to put his knees on the bumper in case the guy hit the gas so he could fall on the hood of the car. Unstable? Hell no.

It's almost as if the cops arrested this man because they were jealous that this man did what was right and stole their thunder. Perhaps they felt useless after seeing what real courage looks like.

And even if he was some kind of unstable crackhead -- he wasn't, but assuming for the sake of argument that he was -- what does that prove? All it proves, in this case, is that even an unstable crackhead was smarter and better than police.

The cops should have shaken this man's hand and showed him respect for de-escalating a volatile situation.

This man helped save taxpayers potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars, helped prevent any shooting deaths, and handled the situation efficiently -- yet he, too, must be clawed back down to the bottom of the bucket by timid media and police crabs, arrested and labeled "unstable."

Watch the video below:

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