BREAKING: Autopsy Shows Cop Fatally Shot Teen in the Back


ST. LOUIS — An autopsy report has just been released indicating that Mansur Ball-Bey died from being shot in the back by a police officer.

Mansur was shot and killed by a St. Louis police officer earlier this week.

The shooting death has already sparked outrage across the country.

Police said that the autopsy is “preliminary” and that “an investigation” into the incident is ongoing.

Are they investigating themselves again?

Clashes between Americans and police erupted on Wednesday night.

Police showed up in militarized gear ready to crush any rebellion.



The shooting death of Mansur occurred just two weeks after communities gathered in St Louis to rally for Black Lives Matter.

And now another black teen has been shot in the back and killed.

Police are claiming that Mansur “pointed a gun” at them.

Of course, police are trained to lie to citizens, to pretend to be friendly in order to extract information from citizens, and to generally do whatever it takes imprison us and justify killing us.

To trust the words of a police officer is positively irrational.

The victim’s family states that Mansur never had a gun, and he was trying to mind his own business and not get harassed by police when they showed up. When he turned to avoid them, they shot him in the back, according to some accounts.

Watch the video below:

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