Eric Garner’s Daughter Slams Hillary Team for Using His Death for Politics

To lose a father, and then for elitist politicians to USE his death for their cheap political campaign… is absolutely reprehensible.

No family deserves this.

Yet it is exactly what Eric Garner’s daughter is now being forced to endure, after leaked emails from the Hillary team show plans to use her dad’s death for political purposes.

It was evidently a plot on behalf of the Clinton team to use Eric Garner’s death to support gun control, even though Garner was not killed by gun violence, but by being choked to death by police.

Garner was unarmed. His crime? Allegedly selling cigarettes.

Garner’s daughter tweeted out the following:

“I know we have Erica Garner issues but we don’t want to mention Eric at all? I can see her coming after us for leaving him out of the piece,” Clinton’s press secretary Nick Merrill wrote in a March 17 email.

Someone had to step in and correct Merrill, it seems.

“Eric Garner not included because not killed by gun violence,” said Maya Harris.

Eric Garner’s daughter got word of the emails and replied via Twitter as follows:


Evidently the Clinton team was planning to exploit Eric Garner’s death for reasons involving gun violence.

Garner’s daughter says that “These people will co opt anything to push their agenda. Police violence is not the same as gun violence.”

The Clintons have a long record of telling people of color one thing but doing another.

In the 1990s it was the Clintons who militarized police and expanded the prison industrial complex more than any other president in recorded history.

Hillary herself openly demonized black youth as “super predators” — the video of her saying this is still circulating on YouTube.

Watch the video of police brutally killing Eric Garner below:

Imagine how you would feel if you lost your father and then politicians — the very same politicians who increased police militarization throughout the 90s — plotted the best way to use your father’s death in their quest for power.