BREAKING: Protests Erupt in Streets as Police Execute Disabled Man Who “Held a Book”

UPDATE 9/23/16 Raw Footage of Shooting is Released

We have just received the raw footage, filmed by the victim’s wife.

She can be heard pleading with police to shoot her husband, and warning them that he had brain damage.

Conspicuously absent from the video footage is any “gun” near the body of Keith as he lays on the ground dying.

Charolette, NC
“Police just shot my daddy.”

Those are the words of a woman who identified herself as the victim’s daughter.

Her dad was evidently holding a book, and suffered from disabilities.

As he was exiting his car, police shot him to death.

Preliminary reports indicate that the man was completely innocent and unarmed, and police were looking for somebody else but ended up shooting him instead.

Protests erupted immediately and are expected to spread.

Here is the video the daughter took moments after police executed her father, wherein she says “the police just shot my daddy.”

And here is another video showing the start of the protests as citizens surround a police car honking at them.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.


UPDATE 9/20/16 — 12 Officers Injured in Protests

12 officers have been confirmed as injured as protests are becoming more akin to insurrections.

One officer was struck in the face with a rock.

The reportedly unarmed, disabled victim has been identified as Keith Lamont Scott.

UPDATE 9/21/16

Police are now claiming that the man “had a gun.”

His family and witnesses say there was no gun, however. They say he was holding a book.

Given that police are trained to lie as part of their profession, and given that they have planted guns on people in the past, some would say it is not rational to believe them over the word of the man’s own family.

Some cops have been known to carry “drop guns” or small sacks of drugs in the event that they should have to frame someone innocent in order to cover themselves in court.

Police also spent hours near the man’s vehicle after they shot him and would not let his family near the scene to monitor what they were doing inside the vehicle.

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