VIDEO: Cops Execute Unarmed Mentally Ill Man In the Street


LOS ANGELES — A viral video has surfaced online showing LAPD officers literally executing an unarmed homeless man in the street.

The video was first posted on Facebook and has been spreading like wildfire, causing outrage in cities across the nation.

The unedited raw footage shows about 5-8 officers swarming around a homeless man, throwing him to the ground, punching him, and Tasing him.

Desperate, the homeless man tried to protect himself against the aggressive beating.

At one point in the video the homeless man can be seen trying to counter-punch an officer in the hopes of defending himself.

The homeless man went by the name “Africa” and has a history of debilitating mental illness.

Without shelter and adequate medical care, he had been trying to survive on the streets and getting to know others in the homeless community.

At one point in the video, an officer pulls out his gun, aims at Africa, and begins firing at him.

Africa was lying on the ground at this point, but the officer continued firing bullets into Africa’s body until he died.

Witnesses became enraged and began shouting at the police, to which the police responded with even more threats and intimidation.

One witness can be heard yelling, “He ain’t got no gun!” confirming that Africa was unarmed.

The whole incident began when Africa became involved in a dispute with someone in his tent.

Police arrived and commanded Africa to exit his tent.

When he refused, they pulled him out and began Tasing him, according to witnesses — at which point the video begins.

One witness can be heard calling the cops “Cowards,” telling them to put aside their guns and try fighting like men.

Instead, the cops kept their guns pointed and continued screaming at witnesses to “move!”

Protests have already erupted and crowds are gathering right now in front of the police headquarters in Los Angeles.

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The protests are expected to intensify as word of the tragedy spreads.

We must warn you, the video you are about to watch shows a human being executed on camera. Discretion is strongly advised.