Cop Gets Pulled Over For DUI, Attempts to Shoot Brother in Blue


Max Chantha | November 18, 2015

ILLINOIS – The ‘thin blue line’ of unquestioning inter-police loyalty has caused great frustration for the public, especially when cops are willing to break the law to save their fellow officers from rightful punishment.

Chicago police officer John Gorman, however, is clearly not a big believer in this fraternal code, as evidenced by his attempt to kill his brother in blue.

Gorman, a decade plus veteran of the force with an unusually high number of complaints against him, decided to relax off-duty by getting drunk around 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Clearly having places to go and an acute sense of responsibility, he began driving recklessly while drinking a beer.

It was when he almost killed a man selling flowers on the side of the road that an unnamed and off-duty Marionette Park officer noticed Gorman’s dangerous behavior, and decided to stop him.

When both men stopped at a light, the Marionette Park officer showed Gorman his badge and asked him to pull over, but was promptly ignored as the light turned green.

Thankfully, the off-duty officer dialed 911 and pursued Gorman, in the event he did something truly dangerous.

Unfortunately, Gorman did not take kindly to someone trying to rein in his near-fatal fun, eventually stopping his vehicle to retrieve a firearm.

He fired five rounds at the Marionette Park officer, who luckily escaped unscathed.

Gorman was eventually arrested, handing over his gun but refusing a Breathalyzer until hours later.

Though Gorman has been on desk duty since the incident, it is inconceivable that someone who would threaten lives not only with his vehicle but also his firearm is allowed to remain on the force at all.

Police officers are meant to be trusted, respected pillars of the community, who lead by example with acts of bravery and selflessness.

Police departments will find it difficult to instill respect for the rule of law in their communities when their officers disregard those same laws so easily.

Max Chantha is a writer and investigative journalist interested in covering incidences of government injustice, at home and abroad. He is a current university student studying Global Studies and Professional Writing. Check out Max Chantha: An Independent Blog for more of his work.