Budding Marijuana Industry Has More Female CEO’s Than Any Other Business In America


John Vibes | The Anti-Media

The growing marijuana industry is set to be one of the most important and lucrative economic forces in the years to come, and a new report indicates this particular field boasts more female executives than any other industry in the country.

According to a report from Marijuana Business Daily, women in the marijuana industry far outnumber women in other U.S. businesses.

“Cannabis businesses that actively foster an environment where the contributions of both genders are equally valued will without a doubt have more success attracting and retaining the talent that will both set the company apart from competitors and position it to become a market maker and industry leader,” the report explained.

“The results reveal that women are more likely to hold executive titles in every major sector of the cannabis industry than in the general workforce at large. This indicates that women have more opportunities to climb the ladder in the marijuana industry and are making quicker progress toward those goals than females in all other industries as a whole in the U.S,” the report continued.

The survey indicated that overall, 36% of executives in the cannabis industry were women, but women represented just 22% of executives in other industries.

The report also said that in some sectors of the cannabis industry, there are more female executives than male executives.

In the lab testing sector, for example, 63% of executives are women.

In the processing and edibles sector, women represent about half of the executives.

A recent study from the University of Denver explained the increased equality within this industry.

The analysis suggested that newer industries will experience more equality as older businesses will likely remain entrenched in old ways of doing things.

“In newer sectors, such as technology and social media, where gatekeepers have not yet emerged, women are better represented in positional leadership roles,” the study said.

The marijuana industry is filled with a great deal of opportunity and risk.

It shows extreme tenacity and courage on the part of those who are willing to get involved, whether male or female.

Hopefully, as the industry continues to grow, it will also continue to offer increased opportunities for people of all backgrounds.

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