Bureau of Investigation Arrest Eighteen Men in Child Pornography Ring – Including Veteran Sherriff’s Deputy


By Max Chantha | October 20, 2105

GEORGIA – Child pornography and abuse is arguably the worst crime short of murder because it destroys the innocence of its victims and changes their lives forever.

Law enforcement were eager to catch those guilty of making, downloading, and spreading it – but didn’t count on catching one of their own in the process.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation rounded up eighteen men and around 200 electronic devices, all of which had been tainted by child pornography to some extent.

The operation, called Silent Guardian, effectively uncovered a child pornography ring, which included a member of law enforcement.

Deputy Uriah McCullers, an 11-year veteran of the Sheriffs Department, allegedly was involved in the ring and downloaded child pornography.

He worked in the local jail, but was immediately fired after his superior, Sheriff Joe Chapman, learned of the heinous accusations against him.

Chapman cooperated with the Bureau of Investigation to bring charges against his employee, bringing a fresh sense of accountability to policing.

Though the Bureau has yet to fully investigate the material on around 200 electronic devices, they will likely provide damning evidence against the eighteen men.

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It is reassuring to see a law enforcement officer in a leadership role exposing and terminating a wrongful employee, instead of covering up or denying his role in the ring to protect the public image of the department.

A transparent, accountable police force is one with a much higher public image: the community responds to officers who hold themselves and their brothers in blue to a higher standard.

When police are complicit in hiding their coworkers crimes, they blur the line between cop and criminal.

Sherriff Joe Chapman exemplifies the role law enforcement leaders should play in police reform.

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