[WATCH] Camera Catches Police Agent Planting Drugs on Businessman


SCOTIA- In a disturbing example of how the US government’s “War on Drugs” is designed to imprison innocent humans for profit, a police agent was caught planting drugs on Donald Andrews, the owner of a legal smoke shop.

War on drugs filming cops police brutality

Andrews was one of thousands arrested by cops who faithfully obey the US government and enforce the “war on drugs.” Photo source: The Blaze

The agent can be seen placing crack cocaine on the counter and then taking a picture of it for “evidence” to use against Andrews, according to reports.

Andrews was arrested and faced up to seven years behind bars, likely inside of a corporate prison.

His business was about to be shut down and his life ruined.

This happens to thousands of people routinely because of the US government’s “war on drugs.”

Many of these people are torn from their families and locked in over-crowded prisons to be abused, raped, or forced into slave labor, while generating massive profits for the U.S. politicians.

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Luckily, Andrews had cameras monitoring the activity in his store.

Kevin Luibrand, Andrews’s attorney, demonstrates that the footage shows the police agent intentionally planting the drugs that resulted in Andrews’s arrest.

“He comes in and places the crack on the counter… which under New York State law would get him 2 to 7 years in jail,” said Luibrand.

Andrews was released because of the footage and he filed a lawsuit against the police.

The police agent was not identified.

This is how the “War on Drugs” works, friends.

If Andrews did not have cameras rolling, he would be sitting in prison right now.

This is why prisons are full beyond capacity with non-violent people who were either framed, or who had harmless plants that the government claims to be “illegal.”

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