Cops Beat Elderly Deaf Man for “Not Following Orders” He Couldn’t Hear

OKLAHOMA — Officers have gruesomely beaten a 64-yr-old deaf man during a traffic stop, an incident which has left the man’s community horrified, according to reports. It began on January 3rd when Pearl Pearson was stopped over a traffic violation. Pearl had various permits and notices on his vehicle and his driver’s license stating that … Read more

“Do you want to die today?” Cop Threatens to Murder Man as 20 Officers Attack the Man’s Family

OMAHA — A family has filed a lawsuit after their home was violently invaded and they were beaten and abused by a swarm of police officers. It began when Octavius Johnson noticed a group of officers outside of his home. They were standing near his car and calling a tow truck over to have it … Read more

Cops Savagely Beat Woman on Video, Found Not Guilty. Taxpayers Held Liable Instead. WARNING: VIDEO BELOW IS GRAPHIC 2014/01/10 Becky Behm was allegedly “drunk driving” and taken to jail.  She was released the next day but her night spent in jail would prove to be horrific. Behm was beaten by 3 officers, punched in the face, swung head-first into a concrete wall, sprayed with pepper spray and … Read more

Cops Smile With Pleasure After Giving Teenage Boy Permanent Brain Damage

UPDATE (5/27/15) Mistrial Declared It appears as though the officer involved in this attack will be — surprise, surprise — getting away with it. As WMUR News reports: The judge presiding over the case against a former Seabrook police officer declared a mistrial on Tuesday. A YouTube video shows what some are calling excessive force … Read more

Cop Charged With Official Oppression for Beating Entire Family & Kicking Their Dog

2014/01/07 HARRIS COUNTY – An officer has finally been indicted on official oppression after he was caught on video beating an entire family and kicking their dog. It began when David Scherz Jr. pulled into his driveway — according to reports, police began harassing him on his property and accused him of speeding. Scherz’s mother … Read more

Officer Stomps on American Man’s Groin Area, Calls the Man “Terrorist” in Front of His Child

QUEENS — A man who was in the parking lot of Fresh Meadows supermarket, waiting for his wife to finish getting groceries, was surprised when officer Milko Mejia rolled up behind him and began honking, according to reports. Gamal Abdelaziz, who is a 57-yr-old American of Arab descent, realized that the officer wanted to drive … Read more

American Citizen Labeled “Trash,” Hanged to Death in Police Custody

UPDATE: Cops File Restraining Order Against Coroner, Prevent Further Investigation into Hanging Death Zachary Goldson was called “trash” by police and found to be hanged to death in their custody. Before his death by hanging, police were also heard saying “Yeah, this motherfucker is getting a welcome party when we get to jail.” Dr. Judith … Read more

Cops Break Into Mother’s House Without Warrant, Beat Her Children and Kill Her Pet Parakeet

STATEN ISLAND — Evelyn Lugo, a 57-yr-old mother in Staten Island, is devastated after police officers broke into her house without a warrant, beat up her children, and murdered her pet parakeet, according to the lawsuit. Evelyn’s bird, Tito, was a small parakeet that clearly posed no danger to the officers. “It was a blue … Read more