WATCH: Video Catches Cops Jumping On, Punching Man in HANDCUFFS, as He Yells ‘I Can’t Breathe’

January 21, 2017 New Kensington, PA — When police officers preach transparency and trust only to be caught on video beating a man who is in handcuffs, that trust is broken. Residents of New Kensington, PA, now have little reason to trust their police after a recent video uploaded to Facebook began going viral this … Read more

WATCH: Disturbing Video Shows Cop Brutally Beating Mentally Ill Woman With Baton

Decatur, GA — Katie McCrary is a homeless woman doing whatever she can to survive. But while she may have a criminal history, she, like other law-breakers, still deserve to be treated humanely and with some sense of decency. But that didn’t happen, according to critics, when a Dekalb County police officer struck her with … Read more

WATCH: Columbus Police Say “We Are Allowed To Punch & Kick” Unarmed Timothy Davis

A cell phone video went viral of Columbus police beating an unarmed suspect, Timothy Davis, 31, during an arrest inside a neighborhood market. The photo of 31-year-old Timothy Davis is startling, but not surprising. The police have been beating on unarmed black men and women for decades, so when cell phone video went viral on … Read more

WATCH: NJ Police Officer Beat Man, ‘Fabricated’ Report and Taxpayers Lost $250K

ELIZABETH – Taxpayers spent $250,000 in a settlement with a Philadelphia man who suffered “significant injuries” to his neck and spine during a police arrest, according to his attorney, and an officer admitted in testimony that he never officially reported that he hit the man with a metal flashlight. Elizabeth settled Jerome Wright’s lawsuit in … Read more

Texas Cop Indicted on Charge of Lying About Hitting Suspect During Arrest

FORT WORTH, Texas – A Fort Worth police officer is facing criminal charges stemming in part from a Nov. 5, 2016, incident in which he allegedly used excessive force against a possible suspect. Jon Preston Romer Jr. subjected Henry Newson to mistreatment, arrest, and search and seizure that was unlawful because Romer struck Newson with … Read more

WATCH: Video Released Showing California Correctional Officer Assaulting Handcuffed Man

STOCKTON — A California correctional officer faces charges after allegedly hitting a handcuffed man in an assault that prosecutors say was recorded on surveillance video. Video of correctional officer Matthew Mettler, employed by the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, striking a restrained man in a spit hood has the district attorney’s office on the lookout … Read more

WATCH: Detroit-Area Cop Found Guilty in Beating and Choking of Unarmed Driver

19 November 2015 A former Detroit-area police officer was found guilty Thursday of assault and misconduct in the bloody beating of an armed black driver during a traffic stop that was captured by a dashboard camera. Wayne County jurors handed down the verdict in the case against William Melendez, who was charged in the January … Read more