Canyon Deputies Get 3 Days in Jail, Year of Probation, For Jail Plot

CALDWELL — Two former Canyon County jail deputies who violated protocol and are accused of trying to incite violence against an inmate were given three days in jail and a year of unsupervised probation. Kade McConnell and Corey Weathermon, along with their defense attorneys, said in court Tuesday that inmates had manipulated the situation. Though … Read more

‘Let’s Meet Violence With Violence:’ Mass Police Association Executive Rick Pedrini Rails Against Restraint and De-Escalation

For one incoming leader of the Massachusetts Police Association, restraint, de-escalation and stigma reduction are dirty words. Rick Pedrini, an Arlington police lieutenant who will soon become the MPA’s executive director, has penned three columns railing against criminal justice reform, progressive policing practices, migrants seeking asylum and Colin Kaepernick. “I am sick and tired of … Read more

WATCH: Jury Finds Chico Police Sergeant Not Guilty of Assault After Video Shows Him Choking Handcuffed Suspect

OROVILLE — A Butte County jury Friday found a former Chico police sergeant not guilty of assault in the choke hold of a handcuffed suspect in the back of a police vehicle in 2017. The former sergeant, Scott Ruppel, 51, had been charged with misdemeanor assault by a public officer after prosecutors alleged he unreasonably … Read more

Denver Police Sergeant Charged With Assault Has Faced More Than 20 Inappropriate Force Complaints

DENVER — Denver Police Sergeant Joseph Rodarte, who was arrested and charged Thursday with second degree assault, has faced more than 20 complaints of inappropriate force during his career, but virtually all of the complaints were ruled unfounded, not sustained, or Rodarte was exonerated. According to a DPD statement released Thursday, Rodarte was charged in … Read more

Houston to Pay $200K to Truck Driver Claiming Excessive Force by Police

The city of Houston will pay $200,000 to a truck driver who said Houston police officers attacked him while searching for a burglary suspect five years ago, causing post-traumatic stress disorder and injuries from a chokehold and punching The city council approved the settlement with Nicolas Watson and his attorneys on Wednesday. Watson had sued … Read more

WATCH: Ohio Officer Will Get His Job Back After Being Fired When Video Showed Him Punching a Motorist

A suburban Cleveland officer who was fired last year after video surfaced of him beating a black motorist during a traffic stop will be reinstated after an arbitrator ruled in his favor. Euclid Officer Michael Amiott, who is white, was first suspended for 45 days after a police dashcam captured him punching the driver in … Read more

WATCH: Michaella Surat Brutality Lawsuit One of Three Planned Against Fort Collins Cops

On Monday, October 22, Michaella Surat, the CSU student whose Old Town Fort Collins police body slam fueled a viral video, was sentenced to probation and community service in the incident. But this may not be her last trip to court. Surat’s attorney, David Lane, says he’ll soon file a lawsuit against Fort Collins Police … Read more