CBP and ICE Officials Are Shackling Pregnant Women, Deny Them Care When They Miscarry

Under the Trump administration, pregnant women apprehended and detained by CBP and ICE are being shackled around their stomachs, hands, and legs and denied routine medical care—even during miscarriages, according

Video of TSA Agents Searching 96-Year-Old Woman in Wheelchair Sparks Outrage

Nearly 9 million people have watched the video — and many have weighed-in about the security pat-down of a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair. The screening happened at Dulles Airport

Undercover ICE Officer Reportedly Lured Workers at Ohio Garden Store with Donuts Before Massive Raid

A plainclothes federal officer walked into an Ohio gardening store early Tuesday and allegedly lured workers to gather themselves by offering free donuts. Splinter has obtained a video recording of

After Pointlessly Groping Countless Americans, The TSA is Keeping a Secret Watchlist of Those Who Fight Back

“I need a witness!” exclaimed the security screener at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Because I had forgotten to remove my belt before going through a scanner, he explained, I

WATCH: LAPD Cop Arrested After Trying to Smuggle 2 Through SoCal Immigration Checkpoint

LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles Police Department officer has been arrested and federally charged after allegedly attempting to smuggle two people through an immigration checkpoint in Southern California. Mambasse

WATCH: Disturbing Footage Shows Two Border Control Agents Encourage a Teen to Drink Liquid Meth to His Death

Two border control agents at the U.S.-Mexico border encouraged a 16-year old to drink liquid meth, government surveillance footage shows. As the Daily News reports, the teenager would die less

Courts: Police Can Shoot and Kill People As Long They Are Across the Border

On June 7, 2010, while on patrol near the bridge connecting Juarez to El Paso, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Jesus Mesa Jr. fired his gun into Mexico and struck Sergio

WATCH: San Diego Teacher Refuses to Answer Border Patrol Questions at Checkpoint

July 24 2017 Bell Middle School teacher Shane Parmely was detained for over an hour by Border Patrol agents at a checkpoint in New Mexico because she refused to say

Aggressive Police Take Hundreds of Millions of Dollars From Motorists Not Charged With Crimes

After the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, the government called on police to become the eyes and ears of homeland security on America’s highways. Local officers, county deputies and

16-Year-Old Girl Strip Searched by CBP Officers at San Ysidro Port of Entry

A San Diego father has filed a complaint against the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, alleging officers strip-searched his 16-year-old daughter at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Scott Caitlin

Border Agents Seized American Citizen’s Truck, Never Charged Him With A Crime

When Gerardo Serrano took photos of a border crossing on September 21, 2015, he had no idea he would soon be handcuffed, thrown into a detention cell and see his

[WATCH] Newark Customs Officers Arrested For Alleged ‘Rape Table’ Assault

Three Customs and Border Protection officers working at Newark Liberty International Airport were arrested on Wednesday over a disturbing ritual dubbed a “rape table.” Tito Catota, 38, Parmenio I. Perez,

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