child abuse

Cop Pleads Guilty to Sexually Touching Minor, Possessing Steroids — Gets Only 45 Days in Jail

TULARE COUNTY, CA — “He took away what were supposed to be my best years,” the girl said in court. The man who sexually touched her while she was a

Officer Fired After Being Reported for Sexually Assaulting His Best Friend’s 13-Yr-Old Child

NORWALK — An Officer has been fired after being suspended over felony counts of second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. Officer Antony Santo’s best friend had

Parents Outraged After Cop Charges 11-Yr-Old Child With “Possession” for Having a Leaf that “Looked Like” Marijuana, Kicked Out of School for a Year

2015/03/16 BEDFORD COUNTY — In another example of the glaring absurdity that is the “War on Drugs,” a cop has charged a 6th grade child with “possession” for having a

Cop Shoots 8th Grade Child With Taser Gun for “Being Disruptive”

POWHATAN COUNTY, VA — Think back to 8th grade: do you remember ever talking out loud or being “disruptive”? Imagine if the punishment was an armed police officer approaching you

Raw Video Shows Cop Choking Child Continuously Until Child Goes Limp, Collapses and Gets Brain Damage

Steve Watson | 2015/03/14 Video has finally been released of a vicious incident involving a school security officer in Louisville, KY, who choked out a student half his size

Cop Threatens to Confiscate 4-yr-old’s Bike, Brings Child to Tears

Adan Salazar | A 4-year-old rebel thought she’d gotten away with the perfect crime when she defiantly pedaled her bicycle on the sacred pavement of a UK footpath. But

Cop Indicted For Child Sexual Abuse, Instructing 9-yr-old Girl to Touch His Sexual Organ

BAY MINETTE, Alabama — A sickening report has surfaced according to which a police officer sexually abused a child who was only 8 or 9 years old. Officer Timothy Gavin

Cop Rewarded With Paid Vacation After Shooting Ten-Year-Old Child

Underdogs and Overlords by William Grigg | Pro Libertate A little less than a year ago, Michael Vickers shot and seriously wounded a 10-year-old boy in Broxton, Georgia under circumstances that

Two Cops Charged For Abusing 3-Month-Old Infant, Causing Brain Damage: Report

UPDATE: Unknown Whether Infant Will Survive It is with deep sorrow that we report that the 3-month-old baby was beaten so brutally that he is now in a vegetative state,

Cop Charged for Luring Young Girl Into His Car and Masturbating in Front of Her

MEMPHIS — A disturbing report has surfaced according to which a Memphis police officer preyed on a young girl, convinced her to get inside his car, and then performed a

Police Wouldn’t Stop Abuse and Rape of 300 Children Despite Receiving Multiple Reports For Six Years

We are forced to pay them money from our hard-earned paychecks, and in exchange they’re supposed to protect us. But here’s what they really do with our money — they

Cop Goes on Murder-Suicide Spree, Kills Two Teen Girls and Three Dogs in Cold Blood

WESTCHESTER — It has been called “pure evil.” It is certainly one of the most egregiously cruel and wicked cases of police violence in recent times. Officer Glen Hochman was