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Cop “Suspended With Pay” for Allegedly Stealing Make-A-Wish Foundation Gift From 3-yr-old Child

Mikael Thalen | An off-duty Memphis police officer was suspended with pay this week after reportedly stealing a Make-A-Wish Foundation gift from a terminally ill three-year-old. According to reports,


Neighbors claim girl was shot in the back Steve Watson | A family in California has been left reeling after their special needs daughter was shot dead by police

Police Now Throw Little Girls In Jail, Get Fingerprints And Mugshots

Daily Caller | Robby Soave PORTLAND — A nine-year-old Portland girl was handcuffed and arrested after engaging in a small feud with another girl. She was treated like a criminal

Cleveland Police Confiscate Children’s Basketball Hoop

InfoWars | Michael Thalen Woman ticketed, threatened with arrest for buying children hoop. CLEVELAND — A Cleveland woman is speaking out after police officers confiscated a basketball hoop she purchased

Cop Raped as Many as Twenty Infants/Toddlers: Report

BOISE — Communities and families were deeply shaken after learning that now-former Officer Stephen Young confessed to a gruesome case of sexual abuse. Officials stated that he likely raped up to 20

Birthday Party Turns to Nightmare as Child Watches Cops Tase Mom and Dad on the Ground

(03/07/14) BAYTOWN — “I have never been a trouble a day before in my life,” said Jodie White, a Texas mother. “For my kids to see me being tased on the

Think Cops Won’t Declare War Against You? They Already Have…

WASHINGTON, DC — The United States Government is now equipping police departments across the country with 13,000 high-powered, mine-resistant military units, according to a newly released video report by Blomberg (below).

Cop Sexually Abused Children as Young as 13, Used “Position of Power”

GLENDIVE – Former police Officer Taylon Bain has been sentenced on four counts of sexual intercourse without consent and one count of sexual abuse of a child, according to reports.

Child Arrested and Charged with “Felony” for Throwing Snowball

AUSTIN — “I think that’s ridiculous — it’s such a big charge,” says Latanya Powell, a construction worker who heard of the incident. “It’s just going overboard. I can see if

Cop “Had No Choice” to Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Child Because He Left His Taser Home?

NORTH CAROLINA — A cop who said “We don’t have time for this” and then killed a 90-lb mentally ill boy has been indicted by a grand jury for voluntary

Officer Attacks 10-yr-old Child, Breaks Child’s Leg for Filming Cops

2014/02/10 BROOKLYN — A mother and her 10-yr-old child have been traumatized after an officer entered their home and broke the child’s leg for filming cops. It began in the

Two Police Officers Brutally Break Disabled Child’s Arm on Schoolbus

02/04/14 ROTTERDAM — A video has sparked outrage in communities after it was discovered that two large police officers ganged up on a mentally disabled boy and brutally broke his