Feds Weighing Child Porn Charges on Anthony Weiner – Clinton Associate

Alarming news has surfaced alleging that federal agents may be prepared to press charges on Anthony Weiner for child pornography. Law enforcement officers are prepared to investigate the former politician despite his status, which is refreshing news to many. A suggestive photo of Anthony Weiner lying in tight-fitting underwear in bed with a child is … Read more

Houston Police Chief Takes a Stand Against Feds — Refuse to Jail Marijuana Users

Justn Gardner | The Free Thought Project It’s a new year, and signs abound that cannabis decriminalization will continue rolling across the nation. Three more states legalized recreational use on the November ballot – bringing the total to seven – and four other states joined the long list of medical use states. The big question … Read more

Cop Gives Teen an Ultimatum for Smoking Weed: 200 Pushups or Jail

2016/12/30 ARLINGTON, TX — A video is making the rounds online showing a police officer who forced a teen to make a choice: either go to jail or do 200 pushups. It all started when Officer Eric Ball discovered that the teen had been smoking marijuana, according to reports. What happened next was completely unexpected. … Read more

Hero Cop Tells the Truth in Viral Video, Explains Why We Must Hold Police Accountable

Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project Hero cop Dominick Izzo witnessed such expansive corruption in his department, he shattered the notorious Blue Wall of Silence to blow the whistle, but — like nearly all officers who break ranks attempting to hold bad cops accountable — found himself the subject of false allegations and under … Read more

Police Chief Speaks Out Against Police Shootings

A police chief in Ohio is finally speaking out against fellow officers who kill innocent Americans. He was particularly referencing the recent shooting of Terence Crutcher, who was executed despite complying with police instructions. Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw tweeted out criticisms of officers who do not protect human life, and shortly thereafter faced an avalanche of other … Read more

Elderly Man Calls 911 Because He’s Starving, These Good Cops Show Up and Feed Him

Amanda Froelich | TrueActivist.com 2016/02/18 A 79-year-old man called dispatchers because he hadn’t eaten in two days and needed help. So, these officers used their own money to stock his pantry for month’s. They then launched a food pantry at the police station to help citizens in a similar situation. Last Saturday, a disabled 79-year-old … Read more