‘I Thought It Would Be My Last Day of the World’: Teens Speak Out After Being Held at Gunpoint By Cops

A group of boys who were detained by police officers last week told reporters about the harrowing incident that included racial slurs, cops pointing guns at teenagers and the unsolved mystery of a 911 call. On Wednesday, Brianna Lindell posted a video to her Facebook page of Minnesota Park Police detaining four teenagers at Minnehaha … Read more

WATCH: Police Officer Under Investigation After Controversial Video of Arrest

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif.- – Video of arrest in Desert Hot Springs over the weekend is causing controversy throughout social media after an officer appears to cover his body camera. The heated confrontation, recorded by the detainee’s brother, has gone viral with nearly 850,000 views on Facebook. The man detained in the video, Joshua Felix, … Read more

WATCH: Racist Cincinnati Police Arrest Black Man With A Cappuccino For Crossing Street

/center> The Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police has been forced to issue a statement after a video of one of their officers stalking, harassing and arresting an African American man has gone viral on social media. The Cincinnati FOP released the statement on Saturday about the arrest that was caught on video in Over-the-Rhine. The … Read more

WATCH: Video Shows West Covina Police Officer Grabbing Woman’s Cellphone, Cursing at Her During Traffic Stop

West Covina police released dashcam video Wednesday of a traffic stop in which a woman recorded an officer trying to take her cellphone away and accused him of improper conduct. Eileen Aquino said she was stunned by the officer’s actions, which included cursing at her, and she is now drawing attention to the video in … Read more