WATCH: Worker Claims He Was ‘Railroaded’ by Walnut Ridge Police

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – A railroad worker claims in a lawsuit he was physically assaulted by a police officer in Walnut Ridge for simply doing his job – and when

WATCH: Video Shows Police Arresting Two Men in Starbucks For ‘Ridiculous’ Reason

Philadelphia – Imagine sitting down in a cafe with a mate, and not ordering anything because you were waiting for another friend, only to have police storm the place and

WATCH: Cops Grab California Man’s ID and Camera For Filming Training Raid

21 Oct 2014 A Tracy, California man captured his harassment at the hands of two members of his local police department’s SWAT team for filming them in a public space,

WATCH: Black Man Stopped by ‘Bama Cop For 30 Minutes Because he ‘Didn’t Like The Way he Was Walking’

31 Oct 2015 A black man walking home from work was stopped and then frisked by an Alabama police officer after the cop told him he “didn’t like the way

WATCH: Cincinnati Man Slammed Into Wall and Arrested for ‘Jaywalking’

3/07/16 The Cincinnati Police Department is investigating a videotaped pedestrian arrest that took place Feb. 6. According to Cincinnati.com, Charles Harrell, 29, began filming Police Officer Baron Osterman, who was

WATCH: NC Cop Looks So Dumb After Pulling Over Black Real Estate Agent

6/23/16 Chalk up being a real estate agent and doing marketing comparisons in the neighborhood of a house you’re trying to sell to yet another thing black folks can’t do.

WATCH: Minneapolis Cop Says ‘If You F— With Me, I’m Going to Break Your Leg’

When officers ordered him out of the car, a young man hit record on his smartphone, and he captured not-so-polite words from police. “Plain and simple, if you f— with

WATCH: Manager Kicks Young Girls out of Theater, Calls Them ‘Animals,’ Cop Arrests Woman Who Comes to Their Defense

A Pennsylvania woman is seeking justice after she says she was assaulted by a cop after coming to the defense of three Black girls who were forcibly removed from a

WATCH: Boston Cops Taunt and Bully Black Man Simply Walking to The Barbershop

In video uploaded to WorldStar Hip Hop, a Boston police officer is seen harassing a black man just walking down the street, peppering him with questions about whether he has

New Data Reveals Milwaukee Police Stops Are About Race and Ethnicity

For years, Black and Latino residents of Milwaukee have protested the fact that they and their neighborhoods have been consistently and unfairly targeted for overzealous police stops. They were right

WATCH: Police Tip Wheelchair User Out of His Chair in San Francisco

1 Mar 2015 Devaugh Frierson, known to his friends as “Bo,” was out with friends in San Francisco when police responded to a call claiming that a group of people

WATCH: NYPD Sgt.’s Filthy Tirade Captured in Shocking Cellphone Video

May 21, 2012 A uniformed NYPD sergeant was caught on video unleashing a vulgar tirade against a group of Brooklyn men — threatening them with his gun even while condoning