WATCH: Video Shows Police Arresting Two Men in Starbucks For ‘Ridiculous’ Reason

Philadelphia – Imagine sitting down in a cafe with a mate, and not ordering anything because you were waiting for another friend, only to have police storm the place and arrest you. Sounds ridiculous, right? For two men sitting in a Philadelphia Starbucks this situation unfortunately became their reality. Footage filmed by a witness in … Read more

WATCH: Cincinnati Man Slammed Into Wall and Arrested for ‘Jaywalking’

3/07/16 The Cincinnati Police Department is investigating a videotaped pedestrian arrest that took place Feb. 6. According to, Charles Harrell, 29, began filming Police Officer Baron Osterman, who was slowly following him on a bicycle. “This is what we have to go through in Cincinnati,” Harrell said in the video. “You can’t be a … Read more

WATCH: Manager Kicks Young Girls out of Theater, Calls Them ‘Animals,’ Cop Arrests Woman Who Comes to Their Defense

A Pennsylvania woman is seeking justice after she says she was assaulted by a cop after coming to the defense of three Black girls who were forcibly removed from a local theater for unclear reasons. Melanie Carter posted footage of the ordeal to her Facebook page, saying she arrived at the Phoenix Theater in North … Read more

New Data Reveals Milwaukee Police Stops Are About Race and Ethnicity

For years, Black and Latino residents of Milwaukee have protested the fact that they and their neighborhoods have been consistently and unfairly targeted for overzealous police stops. They were right to do so. New expert evidence unmasks the city’s stop-and-frisk program for what it is: a program that encourages routine stops of individuals that are … Read more