Seattle Teen Reported Being Raped — And it Took Cops 10 Years to Bother Testing Her Rape Kit

Seattle Police this week arrested a 52-year-old man after DNA evidence indicated that he had raped a teenage girl whose rape kit had gone untested for more than a decade.

‘She Had a Problematic Life’: Ex-Cop Admits He Didn’t Work Hard on Rape Claim

In the summer of 2015, a woman named Amber Mansfield filed a report with the Minneapolis Police Department. She said she’d been beaten, choked, and raped by a man named

WATCH: Parents Call For Investigation Into Stoneman Douglas Assault Involving Sheriff’s Son

PARKLAND, Fla. – Several parents of victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre said that if former Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Scot Peterson, who stood outside the school

Bradley County Family Says SWAT Team Raided Wrong House Threw Flash Bangs Near Children

After a 10-month long investigation into the murder of a young pregnant woman, SWAT team members went to Lynncrest Drive to look for one of four suspects. But one family

Woman Delivered Own Baby in Cell After Jailers Accused Her of Faking Labor

A woman in a Texas prison said jailers ignored her pleas when she went into premature labor, forcing her to deliver the baby on her own, WFAA reported. The woman

WATCH: Florida Cop Who Failed to Confront Parkland Shooter Is Getting $8,000 Monthly Pension

(FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.) — A Florida sheriff’s deputy who failed to confront a gunman during a Feb. 14 school massacre is receiving a monthly state pension of $8,702.35. The SunSentinel

Chicago Police Are on a Manhunt After Accidentally Releasing an Anti-Gay Terrorist

Miscommunication between the state’s attorney’s office and the sheriff’s office led to the accidental release of an anti-gay terrorist, according to the Chicago Tribune. Shane Sleeper, 31, was released Tuesday

BSO Deputies Took Cover During Parkland Massacre, Cops Say — And One Knew Where Shooter Was

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies were taking cover behind cars and a tree as they responded to the worst school shooting in Florida history — even though one deputy said he

WATCH: Sheriff: Armed Officer at Stoneman Douglas High School ‘Never Went in’ During Shooting

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. – Broward Sheriff Scott Israel has announced that the school resource deputy for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has resigned amid an internal investigation. Israel made the

Amarillo Police Shoot Faith City Mission Student Who’d Taken Gun Away From Hostage-Taker in Chapel

The Amarillo Police Department is investigating the circumstances surrounding an officer-involved shooting Wednesday morning in which a Faith City Mission student was wounded while in possession of a gun he

WATCH: Sheriff Wrongly Tells Mom Her Son Was Killed by Officers

SPARTA, Tenn. – Body camera video shows the chaos last April as officers ran to the pick-up truck they fired on after a two county chase. “Get on the ground,”

WATCH: Dead Body Found at Memphis Police Impound Lot 7 Weeks After Shooting

MEMPHIS, Tenn – The Memphis Police Department said a man was found dead inside a utility van at an impound lot more than six weeks after he was shot. “There’s