Prison Inmate Sneaks Pig Into Design of State Crest on Three Dozen Police Cars

A prison inmate who makes car stickers and license plates decided to have the last laugh by adding the image of a pig to the official crest on state cruisers.

‘I’m Busted!’: UK Cop Accidentally Fines Himself For Untaxed Vehicle

A police officer has made an embarrassing error… accidentally prosecuting himself for an untaxed vehicle instead of the car owner. Thanks to an error on the form, the cop has

Dunkin’ Donuts Worker is Accused of Refusing to Serve NYPD Cops

A pair of NYPD officers were denied service at a Brooklyn Dunkin’ Donuts by a clerk who said, “I don’t serve cops” — and the head of the detectives union

[VIDEO] Cop Falls Over Trying To Catch Fleeing Suspect – LOL

If you could make the list of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a police officer, falling during a pursuit should be at the top. Sadly, for one