An officer arrested me for possession of 20g of weed when I only had 5g. Then as I was in their police van, just sitting there, he pulled my hair ( I have dreads) and yanked my head around the van. I brushed him off of me and looked at him in shock. I asked … Read more

Cops Harassed Us

I was pulled over with a friend a few months back in his fathers vehicle and told our inspection sticker was invalid (we both looked and it was literally one month old) while the scranton pa cops looked at both of us smiling smacking gum saying “No it’s not” when we said yes it is. … Read more

Years of Abuse

I have megabytes of content.   In short, I have been stripped down to my jockeys at gunpoint in public, i have been physically assaulted, i have had property destroyed, i was detained a dozen times for the same criminal investigation, by 8 different officers, i was detained and searched over 400 times within a … Read more

Cop Neighbor

In the apartment complex I live in located in ft worth tx I was neighbors with the courtesy officer of the complex who is also a state trooper. One day he came banging on my door threatening to enter without permission the issue was a supposed marijuana smell. He was irate and began yelling threatening … Read more

Project and Swerve

Here’s the full story as featured on my blog (http://ahdamnkomar.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/project-and-swerve). On March 3rd, 2010, four members of the Conroe Police Department attempted to arrest me for a burglary I had no involvement in. The night started with a friend of mine texting me around 9 o’clock to tell me that season eight of Smallville was … Read more