Personal Reports

No windows, no camera, beat down room.

I was on a Family Ski Trip. Walked(so as not to drive) to the lodge for some drinks after family went to bed. Got picked up by police walking back,

Punched, kicked, dragged from my home by my hair for no reason

nine days before xmas 2013 I had been out tree shopping with my girl (tracy), we stopped for dinner on the way home. Tracy decided to go to her sisters


An officer arrested me for possession of 20g of weed when I only had 5g. Then as I was in their police van, just sitting there, he pulled my hair

Biker Friend of Mine [Harassed by Cops]

A girlfriend of mine was riding her motorcycle and had to stop at our local mall. She was wearing leathers. Rinky dink security cop told her that ‘this is a

Cops Harassed Us

I was pulled over with a friend a few months back in his fathers vehicle and told our inspection sticker was invalid (we both looked and it was literally one

Years of Abuse

I have megabytes of content.   In short, I have been stripped down to my jockeys at gunpoint in public, i have been physically assaulted, i have had property destroyed,

Cop Neighbor

In the apartment complex I live in located in ft worth tx I was neighbors with the courtesy officer of the complex who is also a state trooper. One day

Project and Swerve

Here’s the full story as featured on my blog ( On March 3rd, 2010, four members of the Conroe Police Department attempted to arrest me for a burglary I had

Wrongful conviction and then some…

In 2002, I was convicted of a crime I did not commit and received 45 years in NCDOC. I lost my daughter, that I had full custody of, and she

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