Police Spying

Landmark Hearing Sides With Activist in Battle Against UK ‘Spycops’

It’s 9am on October 4, and beneath central London’s grey skies, environmental and social justice activist Kate Wilson stands outside the imposing, jagged gates of the Royal Courts of Justice,

Orlando Police Chief Says Facial ID Tool is Only a Test

ORLANDO, FLA. – Three cameras in public spaces are being used to test an Amazon-made facial recognition tool on more than a half dozen officers and the tool is merely

NYPD Settles Lawsuit After Illegally Spying on Muslims

Muslim leaders and their lawyers say a settlement of legal claims that the New York City Police Department illegally spied on Muslims empowers them to prevent future abuse. The deal

Aurora police union: City Should Let Cop Fired Over Hidden Cameras Used to Spy on Ex-Wife Go Back to Work

An Aurora police officer who was fired for secretly installing cameras he later used to spy on his ex-wife should get his job back, according to a court document filed

Court Holds NYPD In Contempt For Refusing To Hand Over Documents Related To Black Live Matter Surveillance

The NYPD continues to extend a middle finger to every entity that isn’t the NYPD. The department’s long history of doing everything it can to thwart public records requesters has

How The Supreme Court Could Keep Police From Using Your Cellphone to Spy on You

The cellphones we carry with us constantly are the most perfect surveillance device ever invented, and our laws haven’t caught up to that reality. That might change soon. This week,

NYPD Quietly Using Military Tracking Device Locating Suspects Through Cell Phone Signals

The NYPD is one of many police departments across the country quietly using a highly secretive military grade technology that can track the whereabouts of suspects by using their cell

New York Police To Implement “Textalyzer” To Monitor Cellphone Use While Driving

Police in the “Empire State” of New York have reportedly proposed the implementation of a new device that would be able to detect when drivers are using their cell phones.

Police in California Using New Surveillance Tools to Determine Your Threat Score

Police in California are using state of the art surveillance tools to determine an individual’s “threat score” based on social media posts and other public records. According to the Washington

New Bill Allows Cops to Search Cellphones Following Traffic Stops

It looks like cell phone privacy really is a thing of the past as New York prepares to pass a bill allowing police to steal people’s cell phone data. A

FEMA Isn’t a Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory — They’ve Been Spying on BLM Too

Adam Klasfeld | Courthouse News Service MANHATTAN (CN) — Amid reports on federal monitoring of protesters, two prominent civil-rights groups filed a lawsuit demanding that the FBI and Department of

Social Media Giants Let Police Track Activity and Whereabouts of Political Activists

Social media giants gave data belonging to the accounts of African-American activists to a firm hired by police to track their whereabouts and planned events. Whitney Webb | True Activist