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Police Chief Who Once Said Legalizing Pot is Like Legalizing Murder Launching Weed Related Company

Eight months before recreational marijuana is set to be legalized in Canada, two former high-ranking police officers have launched a new company that connects patients with medical pot.  Former OPP commissioner, MP

[WATCH] Body Camera Footage Shows Baltimore Police Officer De-Escalate Standoff With Armed Man in Crisis

A Baltimore police officer is being praised by the department for de-escalating a situation in which a man with a knife appeared to be trying to provoke police into shooting

4 Former Tucson Cops Banned from Police Work in Arizona

Four former Southern Arizona law enforcement officers surrendered their state certifications for police work earlier this week, and a fifth ex-police officer is facing the loss of his, officials said.

Navy SEAL: We’re Going to Expose Elite Pedophile Rings in the US

05/02/17 WASHINGTON, DC — Craig Sawyer is a Marine veteran, Navy SEAL, sniper, and combat instructor with decades of experience in sophisticated military operations and intelligence gathering. He is starting

Philippine President Denounces Police as “Corrupt,” Dismisses 100 Officers for Using Drugs

Occasionally it is good to know what is happening in police forces outside of the US, if for no other reason than to offer a point of comparison. This week’s

Redflex CEO Gets 14 Months In Prison For Bribing Politicians to Extort Citizens with Traffic Cameras

John Vibes | The Free Thought Project After being found guilty of bribing politicians to implement her due process-removing products, Karen Finley, former CEO of the red light company Redflex,

Donald Trump Just Spoke Out Against Police Brutality

Love him or hate him, in this instance Donald Trump being credited with saying something true. Here’s the video. Do you think he’s being honest, or is it just another

Entrepreneur is Spending Thousands Bailing Citizens Out of Jail for Marijuana

John Vibes | The Free Thought Project Cook County, IL – This week, local businessman Willie Wilson is going to the Cook County Jail with $15,000 to bail out inmates

Brave Citizens Disobey Police Lines and Rescue Dozens of Pets from Fire

Amanda Froelich | True Activist Activists Ignore Police Lines And Rescue Dozens Of Pets From Canadian Fires “We said ‘Let’s go save some pets…’ We went rogue.” Last week, a

Judge Lets Homeless File Restraining Order Against City Gov So They Won’t be Evicted

Katherine Proctor | Courthouse News Service Judge Stalls Evictions at Eureka Homeless Camp OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) – Eleven homeless people in the Northern California coastal city of Eureka cannot be

Intense Body Cam Shows How a Cop Can Stop a Knife-Wielding Maniac WITHOUT Killing Him

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project Glendale, OH — A Glendale cop just showed the world that cops in America can actually stop a person armed with a knife