Philadelphia Police Department Investigate Photo Showing Officer Wearing Blackface

A Philadelphia police officer is now on desk duty after a picture of him in Blackface surfaced on social media. Hung Nguyen, a 22-year veteran had been working out of

Three Florida Officers Sentenced to Prison For Conspiring to Falsely Arrest Black Men

On Thursday three former Florida police officers were sentenced to prison for conspiring to falsely arrest people in an effort to increase the department’s crime statistics according to The New

Toronto Cop Files Complaint Over Years-Long ‘Barrage of Sexist and Racist Comments’

Repeated sexual advances from colleagues and superiors, prompting her to wear a fake engagement ring. Frequent remarks from fellow officers about the bodies of female cops and sexual assault victims.

WATCH: In Cobb County, Woman Calls Police On Black Man Babysitting Kids

A white woman who spotted a black man babysitting two white children called police and then followed them home in Cobb County. WGCL-TV reported Tuesday that the woman stopped Corey

Two Fontana Police Officers Allege Racist Culture at Department, Suing For Damages

Two former Fontana police officers are moving toward trial on a lawsuit alleging that for years they were subjected to racist jokes, passed over for promotions and, ultimately, fired or

San Francisco Police Targeted Only Black Residents in Drug Arrests, Lawsuit Claims

San Francisco police exclusively targeted black residents during undercover drug arrests as part of a pattern of racial profiling, according to a new lawsuit. Police in the California city, where

Bridgeport Police Captain on Administrative Leave for Sending Racist Texts

BRIDGEPORT — Police Chief Armando Perez’s top aide was placed on administrative leave Monday following accusations the aide sent racist texts regarding another officer. “Effective immediately, Captain Mark Straubel will

Clark County Deputy Fired Over Proud Boys Sweatshirt

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has fired a deputy photographed wearing, and who apparently merchandises, apparel affiliated with the Proud Boys, a far-right group known for its white nationalist rhetoric

Alabama Officers Suspended Over Alleged ‘Hoax’ White Power Hand Gesture In Photo

Four Jasper, Alabama, police officers were given a two-week suspension and a loss of one week’s pay after they were accused of making a white power symbol with their hands

WATCH: Cop Caught on Camera Calling People “Alabama Porch Monkeys” Get His Job Back

AURORA, Co. – A Colorado cop caught making racist comments on a bodycam video is returning to work. Charles Deshazer was fired shortly afterwards, but a decision to reinstate him

WATCH: UK Police Officer Keeps Job After Telling Man ‘You’d Be The First One I’d Shoot’

A police officer who told a black man “you would be the first one I’d shoot if I had a gun” and joked about the Black Lives Matter movement has

Probe Found Florida Police Chief Told Officers to Pin Unsolved Crimes on Random Black People

The police chief in a small Florida town is accused of encouraging his officers to pin unsolved crimes on random, nearby black people so the department would have a better