Sexual Misconduct

Rockaway Township Police Officer Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison For Having Sex With Teen Girls While on Duty

A former Rockaway Township police officer who admitted to having sex with two teenage girls while on duty has been sentenced to six years in state prison, the Morris County

WATCH: San Diego Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sentenced for Groping Teenage Girl

A former San Diego County Sheriff’s Department deputy who admitted to groping a teenage girl while standing behind her at a restaurant in Vista was sentenced Wednesday. Timothy Wilson Jr.,

The San Diego Police Department Doesn’t Know How Many Civilians Have Accused Officers of Sexual Misconduct

An unusually high number of sexual misconduct incidents have placed an unwanted spotlight on San Diego County’s law enforcement. San Diego’s CBS News 8 launched an investigation into the prevalence

Pullman Police Sergeant Charged With Sexual Misconduct Propositioned Fellow Employee in 2016

A Pullman police sergeant charged this week with first-degree custodial sexual misconduct was the focus of a 2016 internal affairs investigation at the Pullman Police Department, which found he had

WATCH: Pullman Police Sergeant Charged With Sexual Misconduct; Released on Own Recognizance

PULLMAN, Wash. – Dan Hargraves made his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon. He was released on his on recognizance. His arraignment is scheduled for next month. A Pullman Police Sergeant

Minnesota Sheriff Candidate Allegedly Accessed Porn, Sexted on the Job

A new report alleges that a fired Itasca County sheriff’s deputy who is running to unseat his former boss misused a county-issued cellphone to download pornography and send sexually charged

Little Rock Police Officer Arrested on Sexual Assault Charge

A Little Rock police officer was arrested Friday on a sexual assault charge after having a woman perform oral sex on him in a church parking lot in exchange for

WATCH: Maryland Officer Accused Of Raping Woman At Traffic Stop Indicted On Charges

PRINCE GEORGE’S CO., Md. — A Prince George’s County Police Department officer accused of raping a woman during a traffic stop has been indicted on rape charges. Ryan Macklin was

Fairfax County Deputy Charged With Sexual Assault of Inmate

A former Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office deputy is facing charges for sexual assault of a jail inmate. Keith Washington, 47, of Stafford, was charged Tuesday with one count of carnal

US Police Officers Were Charged With More Than 400 Rapes Over a 9-Year Period

A police officer in Prince George’s County, Maryland, was charged this week with raping a woman during a traffic stop. He’s pleaded not guilty, but it’s a disturbing headline —

Irwindale Police Agree to $4 Million Settlement With 3 Explorers Molested by Officer

California – Three girls molested by an Irwindale police officer while participating in a police explorer program reached a $4 million settlement in a civil lawsuit, an attorney said Wednesday.

A Rikers Island Inmate Won A Settlement After Being Sexually Abused By Officers

A woman serving a six-year sentence in Rikers Island won a $425,000 settlement after wearing a wire and exposing three correction offers who sexually abused her from 2015 to 2016.