Chicago Cop Who Lived Extravagantly on $300,000 he Stole in Tax Fraud Given 6 Months in Prison

When it was all over, only $238.47 was left in Chicago police Officer Steven Segura’s bank account. Segura pocketed $300,000 in bogus income tax refunds, only to burn through the money in less than a year with extravagant spending on a convertible Jaguar, nightclub excursions and airline travel, according to federal prosecutors. On Thursday, Segura … Read more

Weber County Sheriff’s Employee Was High on Meth, Overdosed at Work, Failed to Submit Rape Kits and Other Evidence

For years, deputies at the Weber County Sheriff’s Office — trained to detect people on drugs — reported that their evidence room technician was high on methamphetamine. They pointed to numerous times she struggled to maintain balance; how she could never find evidence; her profuse sweating or inaudible rambling; the white residue pooling in the … Read more

Cop Admits Framing Two Men as Florida Town’s False Arrest Scandal Widens

The federal investigation into a handful of former Biscayne Park police officers accused of framing innocent people widened this week, when another cop was accused of falsifying arrest warrants for two men at the direction of the police chief. Guillermo Ravelo, who was fired from the force earlier this year, pleaded guilty Thursday in Miami … Read more

Dane County Deputy Pleads Guilty to Stealing From Sheriff’s Deputy’s Union

A former Dane County sheriff’s deputy who served as treasurer of the deputy sheriffs’ union pleaded guilty Thursday to three felonies for stealing from the union. Joel M. Wagner, 54, of Sun Prairie, pleaded guilty to one count each of felony theft, unauthorized use of the Dane County Deputy Sheriff’s Association’s identifying information and theft … Read more

Tennessee Detective Fired Amid 2 Investigations Into His Misconduct

MURFREESBORO, TN – According to officials with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, a veteran detective has been fired while under two separate, ongoing investigations into his misconduct. Detective Lt. Jason Mathis, leader of the county’s narcotics division, is currently under an internal investigation by the Rutherford Co. Sheriff’s Office as well as a separate probe … Read more

SAPD Lieutenant Has Been Fired 6 Times. Will He Get His Job Back Again?

A San Antonio police lieutenant with a long history of disciplinary problems — including four firings and 11 suspensions — is in trouble again, accused of making a homophobic remark about Police Chief William McManus. Lt. Lee Rakun, a 25-year veteran of the force, was indefinitely suspended twice, just days apart in June. Once was … Read more