Cop Issues Open Threat to Americans, Invokes “Law-Appointed Right to Kill You”

SAN JOSE — In the midst of angry nationwide protests against police, a police officer by the name of Phillip White has added fuel to fire, after threatening violence against

Cop Shoots High School Student in the Face With Pepper Spray After Student “Laughed at Him”

“This cop in front of me is just staring me and my friends down for absolutely no reason and saying things like, ‘I’m not a cop you can mess with,’

Officer Threatens to Murder Girl, Rapes Her at Gunpoint, When He’s Finished He Robs Her

HARTFORD — Officer Kelvin Grisales is facing additional charges after being charged for the rape of multiple women in Hartford, Connecticut. Officer Grisales was originally brought in for the sexual

Cop Charged With Endangerment and Strangulation of Woman and Her 10-Month-Old Baby

DELAWARE — In March of 2013, Officer Andrel Martinez was charged for stalking and threatening a girl who had broken up with him. He used his position as an officer to

Cop Loses It, Hits Man and Screams “I’ll Rip Your F*cking Head Off and Sh*t Down Your Neck!”

UPDATE (3/11/15): Cop Pleads Guilty only to Misdemeanor but not charged for assault The now-f0rmer Saratoga County Sheriff Deputy Glans has pleaded guilty to charges after being caught on video

Reports: Cop Points Gun at Girl and Starts Raping Her, “I’ll Kill Your Family if You Tell Anyone!”

  Officer Maiorino was a “good cop” who recently won the Officer of the Month award… Hannah Winston | Palm Beach Post 2014/10/31 BOYNTON BEACH — A Boynton Beach police

Cop Breaks Into Man’s Home, Tackles Him, says “You answer to ME!” and Reaches for Gun

JEFFERSON PARISH — A disturbing video has surfaced online showing a police officer breaking into a man’s home and tackling the man for no apparent reason. The man, who has

[WATCH] “You Don’t” Have Free Speech! — Cop Says to American Filming Him

2014/02/25 MARYLAND — A chilling video has surfaced showing  a cop yelling at an American citizen, saying “NO YOU DON’T!” when the American asserted “I have free speech.” Officers can

Mother Dragged on Ground and Attacked for Filming Cop

2014/02/18 MIAMI — Brandy Berning, a Florida mother, is seeking justice after she was pulled over by officer O’Brien for a traffic stop on the I-95 going northbound. She decided

Trooper Harassed After Pulling Over Speeding Cop, Now Suing Over 100 Cops

FLORIDA — Officer Watts of the Florida Highway patrol has filed a lawsuit against over 100 cops for harassing her to the point of putting her in a life-threatening situation,

Two Police Officers Brutally Break Disabled Child’s Arm on Schoolbus

02/04/14 ROTTERDAM — A video has sparked outrage in communities after it was discovered that two large police officers ganged up on a mentally disabled boy and brutally broke his

Cops to Americans Seeking Justice for Kelly Thomas: “Waiting to Smash Your F*cking Faces in”

2014/01/28 FULLERTON — Protests over the “not guilty” verdict of two cops who were seen on video murdering Kelly Thomas have been ongoing in Fullerton, CA. Amid the protests, police