Cop Uses Taser to Light Gasoline-Soaked Man on Fire: Lawsuit

Charlie Himmel | Courthouse News Service RICHMOND, Va. (CN) – A Chesterfield County, Va., police officer Tased a young man at the scene of serious car accident, setting his gasoline-soaked

Black Man Finally Able to Sue Police Who Tortured and Falsely Imprisoned Him for 24 Years

Jack Bouboushian | Courthouse News Service CHICAGO (CN) – A black man whose murder conviction was vacated after he spent 24 years in prison sued Chicago and two police detectives

Police Deliberately Left Man in Cell as He Had a Stroke, Now He’s Permanently Paralyzed: Lawsuit

Eva Fedderly | Courthouse News Service SAVANNAH, Ga. (CN) – An imprisoned man claims in court he suffered a stroke while in jail and the police officers did nothing to

The Most Gruesome Police Brutality in History that the Media Won’t Tell You About

  UPDATE (1/5/16) Government Agrees to Pay Reparations to Some of the Victims The government has formally “apologized” to the victims and now it has agreed to throw some money

Sadistic Cop on Trial for Tasering Unresponsive Native Man 17 Times Until Bystanders Made Her Stop

Jay Syrmopoulos | The Free Thought Project Rapid City, SD – In August of 2014, Rebecca M. Sotherland, a police officer formerly employed for the Oglala Sioux Tribe, was videotaped

Cops Put Inmate in Puddle of Water and Tased Him: Report

A classic case of prisoners’ dilemma has landed two DeKalb County sheriff’s officers in trouble. Fifty-year-old Lieutenant Leonard Dreyer was indicted on federal charges this week for encouraging one of

Not One But TWO Police Chiefs Tortured Nonviolent Prisoners With Tasers

2015/10/17 Max Chantha | An Independent Blog It seems that torture, whether it be used on at-risk teens or compliant prisoners, is an ongoing and regular tactic of police in

Cops Tortured These Inmates for Fun With Tasers, Now THEY’RE Going to Prison

2015/10/16 Former Mamou Police Chief Gregory Dupuis probably did not realize that his abuse of jail inmates would eventually catch up with him. The ex-cop has found himself sentenced to

Video Shows Police Officers Torturing a Computer Science Student TO DEATH

  2015/10/14 Andrew Emett | The Free Thought Project Savannah-Chatham County, GA — During the trial of two former deputies and a contract healthcare worker charged with killing a computer science

Prison Guard Threatens to Kill Woman, Days Later She is Found Dead in Cell

2015/09/27 Latandra Ellington had been in prison for 15 months. With only seven months to go on her sentence she was waiting impatiently to be reunited with her four children.

Officer Digs Mentally Ill Man’s Eye Out of His Socket, Calls Him “N****r”

2015/07/20 FLORIDA — A deeply unsettling report has been leaked according to which an officer used his finger to rip out a citizen’s eyeball. The citizen, Kelly Bradley, was in

Do Americans Support Government Torture?

2015/06/27 By Matthew Cooke Today is the UN’s International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Although the video I made is a satirical one — to hopefully get people to