WATCH: Speeding Cop Who Crashed Into SUV Wasn’t Responding to an Emergency

Heart-stopping footage shows a speeding police cruiser slamming into an SUV, leaving its driver disabled. An Inside Edition investigation, which will air in full Thursday, discovered Officer Christopher Ferguson was not responding to an emergency when he crashed into the vehicle in Smithville, Tenn., in 2017. He was going 61 mph in a 40-mile zone, … Read more

Missouri Cops are Diverting School Funding and Making a Joke of State Law

Responding to myriad tales of abuses, like many other states, Missouri has reformed its asset forfeiture laws to require a criminal conviction before cash or property is seized and, in a bid to prevent “policing for profit,” to require that money seized by state law enforcement agencies goes solely to the state’s schools. Under Missouri … Read more

WATCH: LAPD Officer Charged With 3 Counts of Murder in Suspected Off-Duty DUI Crash in Whittier

A Los Angeles Police Department officer suspected in an off-duty DUI crash on the 605 Freeway in Whittier last year was charged with murder in the deaths of three family members, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Friday. Edgar Verduzco, 27, was initially arrested following the deadly Sept. 26, 2017 crash but was … Read more

WATCH: New Yorkers Repeatedly Ticketed — Even Though They Don’t Have a Car

Most New Yorkers would agree that fighting a parking ticket is generally a losing battle. For the past eight months, Manhattan residents Bob and Sandi Durell have been trying to prove their innocence, without success. Their ordeal began when they received a notice in the mail from the Department of Finance Parking Violations Bureau saying … Read more

Sheriff’s Lieutenant Caught Driving in Reverse, Honking Horn For ‘Unknown Reasons’

A Florida sheriff’s lieutenant was arrested and charged with driving under the influence Sunday after deputies found her driving her vehicle in reverse and honking her horn. The Tampa Bay Times, citing the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department, reported that 41-year-old Christi Ruhtz was fired from the department after her arrest. The paper reported that Ruhtz … Read more