War on Drugs

Judge Calls Toronto Cop Who Ate Cannabis Chocolate on Duty a ‘Complete Idiot’

A Toronto police officer who ate a marijuana-laced chocolate bar seized in a pot shop raid has pleaded guilty to attempting to obstruct justice. Const. Vittorio Dominelli says he is

Veteran Cop Forced Drug Dealer to Sell Cocaine For Him, Prosecutor Says

A 25-year veteran of the Newark Police Department has been jailed on allegations he forced a drug dealer to sell cocaine on his behalf, Essex County authorities said Monday. Investigators

Tucson Border Patrol Agent Paid Smugglers $650,000 For Cocaine While on Duty

A veteran Border Patrol agent handed over $650,000 to drug traffickers and picked up 90 pounds of cocaine during his late-night shifts at a remote border crossing in Southern Arizona,

Mississippi Sentences Man to Eight Years in Prison for Medical Marijuana He Purchased Legally in Another State

Patrick Beadle, a 46-year-old father and musician, received an eight-year prison sentence in Mississippi for possessing 2.89 pounds of marijuana. If his sentence stands, he would spend nearly a decade

Charges Dropped in 119 Cases Involving Deputy Who Planted Drugs on People During Traffic Stops

JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. – According to the State Attorney’s Office, charges are being dropped in 119 cases involving Deputy Zachary Wester. Wester allegedly planted drugs on people while conducting traffic

Florida Police Officer Arrested For Selling Drugs Out of Patrol Car

Bonifay, Fla. – The following is an unedited press release from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement: FDLE Agents arrested Bonifay Police Officer Dwayne Frazier White, 48, for selling a

Ohio Police Chief Dies After Overdosing On Drugs He Stole From Evidence Room

A 35-year-old police chief from Ohio has died from an overdose after taking drugs from his department’s evidence room. James Hughes, who was the Kirkersville Police Chief, was found dead

Baltimore Police Officer Arrested on Drug Trafficking Charges

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore City police officer has been arrested by Baltimore County police on drug trafficking charges, officials said. Police Officer Spencer Moore, a 14-year veteran of the department,

Wiretaps Reveal Retired NYPD Detective’s Jealousy Blew Her Cover in Heroin Ring

NASSAU COUNTY — Retired NYPD Narcotics detective Karan Young was upset about her long-time boyfriend ignoring her calls, after getting flirty at a Sweet 16 party. When she confronted him

Royalton Cop Who Stole Heroin From Police Evidence Room Gets 6 Months

A former Royalton police officer charged with taking heroin and other drugs from the department’s evidence closet in July 2017, to give to a woman he was dating, was sentenced

NYPD Detective Admits Helping Brooklyn-Based Drug Ring

MINEOLA, N.Y. – Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas announced that a retired NYPD narcotics detective pleaded guilty on July 10th for her role in a large-scale heroin ring that

Canadians Are Livid Over The New Impaired Driving Laws That Allow Officers To Give Roadside Blood Tests

Canada’s marijuana legalization was met with new and stricter impaired driving laws throughout the country under Bill C-46 and Canadians are not pleased. While everyone wants safer roads and people