Video: Charges Dropped For Cop Who Fatally Shot Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl


UPDATE (4/19/15): Cop Gets Job Back

Officer Weekley has been allowed to return to work, despite shooting a 7-yr-old girl to death.

Officer Weekley claims that the fact that he aimed his gun at the child with his finger on the trigger, pulled the trigger, and shot her to death was “an accident.”

He has avoided prison and has now been re-hired.

ClickonDetroit reports as follows:

Weekley is in the department’s Criminal Investigations Bureau and will be working a desk job until further notice, the chief says.

Weekley was cleared of an involuntary manslaughter charge by a judge last year, after he says he accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun and killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones.

UPDATE (1/29/15): Case Dismissed for Officer Who Shot 7-yr-old Girl to Death While She Was Sleeping

Officer Joseph Weekley will get away with killing a harmless 7-yr-old girl, as we expected.

ClickOnDetroit reports that Officer Weekley will not face a third trial in the case.

He had already faced a second trial, but the judge dismissed an involuntary manslaughter charge. The only charge left for Officer Weekley was “recklessly using a firearm,” which was a misdemeanor.

Now that charge has been dismissed too.

Kym Worthy, a prosecutor working on the case, called the news “unfortunate” and noted that the case is due to be dismissed.

child shot

Officer Weekley had been brought to trial for aiming his gun at a 7-yr-old girl, Aiyana Stanely-Jones, and shooting her to death.

Aiyana had been sleeping when Officer Weekeley entered her guardian’s house.

He was originally charged with manslaughter, but that charge has been dropped.

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In October, Judge Cynthia Hathaway granted a motion filed by Officer Weekley’s attorney.

The motion argued for the dismissal of a felony charge that Officer Weekley faced in the shooting death of Aiyana.

The shooting took place at about 1 AM on May 16, 2010.

Aiyana had been sleeping on a couch when a SWAT team busted down her grandma’s door .

Officer Weekley was the first one to enter the doorway.

He aimed his gun and opened fire on Aiyana, who was sleeping on the couch near the front door.

The SWAT team claimed that they were looking for a “murder suspect.”

“He could have avoided injury if he had followed his training,” said the prosecution.

“He didn’t, and as a result of him not following his training and not following the mandates of ordinary care, someone was killed,” they added.

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But the charges have been dismissed anyway.

After the dismissal, the only charge Weekley faced, was a relatively minor misdemeanor charge of “careless discharge of a firearm causing death.”

Watch video below:

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