Chief of Police Charged With Aggravated Rape of 4-Yr-Old Child


UPDATE: Cop Sentenced to Life in Prison

Now-former Chief of Police Steve E. Bodine will be sentenced to life in prison, it has been anounced.

He was convicted of aggravated rape of a child.

He had been raping children for over 40 years.

The News Star reports as follows:

District Attorney John Belton said the three-day trial ended Wednesday with the 12-member jury voting unanimously for conviction. The conviction carries a mandatory life sentence with no chance of probation, parole or suspension of sentence.

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SPEARSVILLE — A disturbing report has surfaced indicating that a now-former Chief of Police Steve E Bodine has been convicted of the aggravated rape of a child.

Officer Bodine has been incarcerated and his bond has been set at $500k.

A 12-member jury unanimously decided to convict Bodine.

The crime that Bodine committed is unthinkable.

Bodine was a police officer and therefore, unfortunately, a lot of people placed blind trust in his so-called authority.

Children were left with him at a day care center.

For over 40 years, Bodine had been raping different children when he had the chance, according to reports.

One child was just was just 4-years-old, according to reports.

Over the 40 years during which he raped children, the ages of the victims ranged from 4 to 14-years-old.

Numerous children have been left scarred and traumatized.

So much rape has occurred by those who are sworn to protect us, that today many parents tell their children to be careful just as they would around any other stranger.

Another example is Officer Stephen Young, who many people trusted as a “good cop.”

It turns out that Officer Young had been raping infants and toddlers for many years.

Watch the video below to hear more details about what Officer Young did:

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