Children Of Murdered Tamara Wilson-Seidle File Federal Lawsuit

Because the first barrage from Seidle happened so fast – a matter of seconds after the crash – Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni said later that his office’s investigation found that police could not have prevented her death. You can view a video of the release of the prosecutor’s findings above this story. However, he did find that certain procedures were not followed by police at the scene and recommend discipline for two officers who responded to the scene. One of the disciplined officers was Asbury Park Police Captain Marshawn Love, who was a neighbor of the Seidles. Love is listed as a possible defendant in the lawsuit filed by the Seidle family.

Gramiccioni said that Love should have assumed command at the scene. Instead, Love drove the Seidles’ 7-year-old daughter to the Asbury Park police station.

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