Citizen Attacked by Cop

On the evening of December 22, 2013 I was attacked by officer S. Sullivan of the Espanola Police force while walking home after being publicly humiliated and attacked at the local (and only) bar in town. I had a whole beer poured over my head by someone in the bar and left after being embarrassed and almost beaten up.

I began walking home (with my hood up as my hair was soaked) it was 1 am and I was not intoxicated as I had tried to have a beer at the bar, but was unable to finish it as it wasn’t sitting well on my stomach.

I was only approximately 10 minutes away from my destination when I felt like someone was following me. Because my hood was up and my peripheral vision was obstructed i didn’t realize it was a cop car trailing me so I jumped a fence in an attempt to hide behind a shed and find a safe place to call a friend for help.

I was thrown into the ground, my cell phone broken as he tossed it in the snow causing permanent water damage. They did not give me a breathalyzer test, nor a standard sobriety test. I obviously stunk horribly like alcohol, someone dumped a full bottle of beer on me.

I was crying as the officers manhandled me, putting the cuffs on way too tight and throwing me into the back of a cop car. When I was put in the holding cell officer sullivan and officer gardiner smashed my face into the steel floor of the holding cell, breaking my jaw, giving me a black eye and leaving me unconscious in a pool of my own blood. I suffer from a seizure disorder, and suffered a seizure after the incident while I was ridiculed by the officers.

They refused to call my parents, refused to provide a female officer when I asked, and at first refused to call the paramedics. The paramedics even were tainted by the officers and began ridiculing me in the back of the ambulance on the way to the hospital as she allowed the officer to ride along.

That officer sat outside my hospital bed staring at me with glee. Every time the nurse came to check on me she would draw the curtains closed so I wouldn’t have to see him staring at me, my abuser. He would then walk up and rip the curtains back open so he could clearly watch me. I couldn’t sleep, and I have post traumatic stress now.

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