Master Sergeant Arrested for Disobeying Unconstitutional Orders, Found “Guilty”

BELL COUNTY — BREAKING: Active duty Army Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham has been found “guilty”  after a cop stopped him for carrying firearm and illegally detained him, even though Grisham was licensed to carry it.

The police accused Grisham of “rudely displaying” his weapon. Officer Ermis can be seen in the video grabbing at Grisham’s firearm and holding Grisham face down on the hood of the police vehicle.

CJ Grisham described the incident as follows:

“This past weekend while on a 10-mile hike with my 15-year old son to complete requirements for his eagle scout rank, I was illegally detained, stripped of my weapons, and arrested when I refused to voluntarily surrender them. I am a licensed CHL holder in multiple states, an active duty Master Sergeant and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. My only charge was “resisting arrest” though I was never placed under arrest until I was charged with resisting it. Confused? Me too. We were hiking down back country roads away from homes and businesses outside Temple, Texas, when the police claim they were responding to a call about a man walking down the road with a gun, something that is legal in the state of Texas.”

Grisham uploaded the video footage which went viral:

Video of the original incident:


The jury ultimately found Grisham guilty for “interfering with police duties,” according to reports.

On his facebook page, Open Carry Texas, Grisham states:  “I WILL be appealing the finding. This was a kangaroo court from the beginning. – CJ”

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