Colorado Police Officer Fired After Footage Shows Beating & Taunting Suspect


A Colorado police officer who was caught on camera beating a suspect and throwing him around a cell has been fired and pleaded guilty to assault.

His and another officer’s body cameras captured roughly 10 minutes of footage after Cpl Mark Magness, 51, arrested 48-year-old suspect Kent Lasnik, for allegedly attacking a liquor store clerk.
The video dates from December and begins with Magness taking the Lasnik from a police car and slamming him into a refrigerator next to a doorway.

The detainee apologizes before being put in a cell in the Federal Heights jail and then appears to aim a slap at Magness, which sends the officer into a violent rage.

Lasnik, 48, was heard apologizing to the officers before being placed in a cell where he attempted to slap Magness before the beating

It is unclear if the slap landed.
Magness proceeds to beat Lasnik as he cowers in a corner, and at one point the officer flings a chair across a room outside, according to ABC 7.

Prosecutors say that the officer then punched Lasnik seven times on the cell bench and five times when he was on the floor being handcuffed again.

Another officer warns his colleague that the event is being recorded, but Magness replies ‘F*** that! F*** that!’
Magness’s body camera was also turned on.

Lasnik was seen bleeding from his chin on the video as Magness pressed his head to the back of a chair and told him to stop resisting despite the suspect not moving.

Magness takes Lasnik to a chair and yells at him to sit upright, eventually pressing his hands into his temples as the suspect apologizes and says that he ‘won’t do nothing else.’

The corporal then yells at the detainee to ‘stop resisting’, though Lasnik, whose chin is covered with blood, is not moving.
‘You didn’t take a swing at me, cool, I didn’t even bust your face up either,’ Magness says while applying pressure points and strapping Lasnik into the chair.

‘You picked the wrong cop to fight with, man. I can tell you that right now’.

The officer told his supervisors that Lasnik ‘stumbled into refrigerator’, according to KDVR.
He was fired less than a month after the incident, according to 9 News, and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault on June 17 and received one year probation.

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